Elcom Prime with “Paradise Resort five stars” Alibu

Elcom Prime with “Paradise Resort five stars” Alibu

As one of the destinations in Vietnam, Nha Trang continues to be exploited by investors with quality projects. The competition in the service industry here is increasingly fierce. We are delighted to announce the latest addition to its portfolio, Alibu Resort Nha Trang has chosen eHotel to make its own mark!

Alibu Resort Nha Trang

“Paradise Resort” Alibu is a complex building located on the coast of Pham Van Dong Street. They include not only the best 5-star resorts but also the full integration of the restaurant, swimming pool, gym or children’s play areas. Coming to Alibu Resort, eHotel is pleased to cooperate with Hoa Hung Investor and become an IPTV solution provider for the whole project.

In the hotel industry, the impression not only comes from the beauty of architectural style, luxurious design but also in the convenience and quality of service. A hotel that does not provide good service is a minus. A hotel offers many value-added services, but it does not reach its customers, it is an even bigger minus.

Alibu Resort Nha Trang

Almost five-star hotels and resorts make an impression on customers at first sight, but the highlights that make the mark are not easy. Understanding this, eHotel bring IPTV Solution – TV is not only entertainment but also comes with the features of the brand and the valuable services.

IPTV system includes many features such as communication between customers and hotels, support for reservation services, tour or food order, online bill check or forecast the weather, discover locations … With these features, customers will easily access the services that the hotel business, thereby increasing customer experiences, interacting and boosting sales.

This can be considered one of the strong points of the hotel when integrating all of the added services into the television system. The system carries on the typical characteristics of the hotel from logos to images and even content. Especially, with the sincere greetings as well as the frequent interaction of the hotel, this solution would surely conquer the most discerning customers of you.

In addition, IPTV system is pre-programmed, easy to adjust and manage which will help the hotel operation much faster, accurate and save a lot of time. With a lot of large partners and huge big projects, we would surely be a perfect solution for the hospitality industry.

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