eSmile – Customer feedback system and satisfaction measurement

eSmile is the system of Measurement – Monitoring – Evaluating the quality of service through instant feedback from customers.

With eSmile, enterprises will monitor their “Real Time” service, by receiving “instant” feedback from customers through smartphone devices that are equipped at the shops and offices. Also automatically updated from the central management system to synthesize, analyze. Wait for the business to make appropriate treatment.



Benefit for your business

  • Get feedback on “instant” services from customers.
  • Measure and improve service quality.
  • Strict supervision of personnel activities, work performance.
  • Give accurate reports to adjust personnel, services.
  • Easy management by leadership level, the model of the company.
  • Professional image, modern in the heart of customers.
  • The sympathy, appreciation from customers when using the service.
  • eSmile can simultaneously combine both functions: Product / Service Introduction and Customer Feedback.

With your customer

  • Having a channel helps people can easily review product/ service
  • Review immediately after the service experiences
  • Customer’s voice is heard to and respected



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