Elcom Prime in the “other racing”

Elcom Prime in the “other racing”

After holding a lot of large projects, Elcom Prime’s still in the high-tech racing on: Mekong Jewel Lotus Cruise, Sao Mai Anh Nha Trang Resort, Brothers Restaurant Chain.

Mekong Jewel Lotus Cruise

After the success of Mekong Emerald Hamony Cruise, eHotel got the trust of the investors and continues to develop themselves through the 5-star Mekong Jewel Lotus project.

The Mekong Jewel redefines elegance and luxury for the sophisticated traveler with 34 indulgent suites and onboard facilities that set new standards in all aspects of elite river voyages combined with the 360-degree experience of panoramic views. Day by day, tourism in the Mekong River is increasingly growing with many 5 stars cruise such as Mekong Jewel Lotus hay Emerald Hamony.

Sao Mai Anh Resort – Nha Trang

Besides, eHotel IPTV also come to “the city of beach” Nha Trang with Sao Mai Anh Resort Project. This is a luxury resort with beachclub, hotels, villas and many add-value services such as restaurant, spa, coffee shop, green park or pool. Sao Mai Anh would become one of the favorite resort of customer who come to Nha Trang City.

In the restaurant field, eHotel become the supplier of display and the Signage System for Brothers Restaurant Chain.

eHotel Signage – Brother Restaurant

Centralized advertising screen technology has been developing in many countries around the world. By this trend, we developed the eHotel Signage system to provide the most comprehensive solution for advertising screens.

The eHotel Signage system is implemented by Elcom Prime which would be seen as a brand promotion system and operates information on TV. Although Televisions put in many places, you just manage the system in the central, through the application. Web with flexible Cloud technology.

 eHotel Signage – Brother Restaurant

With this technology, the restaurant does not need to use USB or the other recording technologies, they still control the script advertisements, manage information, time of delivery as well as transmit messages to customers logically and immediate  Currently, Elcom Prime has implemented eSignage system for a series of large customers, the nearest is Republic Plaza of Sovico Group.

Brother Restaurant is known as a luxurious restaurant chain located in the central of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Starting for this project, eHotel is very pleased to become the provider of centralized advertising screen system eSignage for Brother Restaurant, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

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Address: Floor 6 – Ha Phan Building – No 5 Phan Xich Long – Ward 2 – Phu Nhuan District -HCMC
Hotline: 090 254 8585 (Mr. Dat)
Email: datcq@elcom.com.vn

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