AgroPrime was developed as a smart ecosystem including agricultural software solutions and system hardware from Elcom Prime, Elcom Corporation and Cropin. We would bring to customers a smart agricultural chain management system. Include:


Agricultural management technology of AgroPrime

    • Membrane solutions for agricultural
    • Agricultural Nets – Smart Net Systems
    • Agriculture Irrigation systems
    • Agricultural Control Systems
    • Greenhouse Materials, Greenhouse Construction

    • Flexible system for farm management
    • GIS (Geographic Information System) 
    • Managing risk in farming 
    • Agricultural Libraries Information Notes
    • Weather forecasts
    • Reporting and remote inspection
    • Risk management-Decision support systems (DSS)

    • Purchase manager
    • Warehouse Management
    • Production manager
    • Sales Manager
    • Human Resource Management
    • Maintenance management
    • Project management
    • Analytical reports

    • Sales management
    • Integrating online sales offline

    • Agricultural technology development consultant
    • Consultant – Ecosystems, natural environment, and crops\
    • Plant nutrition: feeding plants / RHS Gardening\
    • Technology Assessment and Transfer for Sustainable

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Website: https://agroprime.vn
Address: F. 06 – Ha Phan Building – 05 Phan Xich Long Street – Ward 2- Phu Nhuan Dist. – HCMC
Email: anhpt@elcom.com.vn
Hotline: +84 – 936884499 ( Mr. Anh)