Smart Hotel

In the service industry’s age, digital technology is mainly on building and growing the business around the customer needs, …

1. Remote all electrical devices in room

Remote control all the electrical devices such as : Air condition, lights, curtains… easy by:

  • Hand control
  • Using smart phone
  • Using TV
  • Talking (2020)

Easy to use & friendly application on Smartphone

Room Management System

2. Digital Assistant

Customer can easily require the In-room services through the application on Smartphone or TV. These requests will be immediately forwarded to the relevant department, including the monitoring department.

At the same time, the system relies on the needs of the hotel to integrate more extended services such as booking tours, air tickets, laundry ….

3. Room Management System

With outstanding features, Smart Hotel will help hotel managers and staff to understand:

  • Track the service/request of each room.
  • Search, summarize the operating data of the hotel at any time

  • Provides room information, in-room equipment settings, reports, management settings, and user management.

4. Configuration of Smart Hotel

Configuration of Smart Hotel

5. Equipment specifications

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