Smart Hotel

In the service industry’s age, digital technology is mainly on building and growing the business around the customer needs, …

1. The digi-display board



This board will be connected to the central controller to control the ringing bell separately, which will connect to the bell set according to the hotel request to connect to the central controller. It’s included: do not disturb, clear and the call bell opens the room




2. Key Card Lock

This device will be connected with the room to control the light or the air conditioner, .. depending on the hotel set up. When turning the key off, all devices in the rooms will be off. Depending on each hotel request.

For instance, replace remote to turn on/off the AC; or control the fan speed.

Technical standard:

• Power saving
• Control all the electronic’s devices in the room
Maximum capacity: 6.600W
• Amperage: AC 30A
• Waiting time: 5 – 10 giây
• Outside materials: ABS – fire protection
• Guarantee: 24 month



3. Keyboard control 

Depending on the hotel to design the central controller accordingly. There are usually three main parts: service section, lighting section, air conditioner part.

Technical standard:

Material Monolithic aluminum – CNC
Color According to customer requirements
Control Touch
Surface material Glass
Display Customized on request
Connect Bus line
Number of line’s control Customized on request
Logo: According to customer requirements
Guarantee 1 year

This keyboard would use with the normal switches; so use both the keyboard and the switch at the same time (toilet area, …)

4. Central controller

This device will connect the programming according to the hotel request and the connecting device number of the hotel room.

Technical standard:

Input number 8 ÷12
Led report status input 8 ÷12
Output number 8 ÷12
Led report status output 8 ÷12
Speeding (Mbps) 10/100
Ethernet Port 1
DC’s Port 1
Input Domino unplug
Loading line 16A
Voltage 12V
Radiator fan Yes
Reset Yes
Expansion slot 1
Color Black, white, cream
Paper box size (long, wide, high) mm 303*702*175
Weight 1400 gam
Made in Vietnam
Guarantee 18 months