Agriculture Manufacturing Industry Solution PrimeERP


Agriculture Manufacturing Industry PrimeERP is a solution that supports all operations of agribusinesses, performing automation processes, and helping manage all of the agricultural operations.

Prime ERP - Giải pháp quản lý kinh doanh nông nghiệp

Agriculture Manufacturing Industry PrimeERP

Our mission is ensuring all the appropriate resources of the business such as personnel, materials, machinery, and finance based on intelligent technologies. PrimeERP allows businesses to statistic and aggregate data of various separate activities to achieve their goals.

PrimeERP’s outstanding features is that the system can expand and scale according to each type of business without affecting the old operational structure.

Purchase management

  • Supplier management, avoid data duplication.
  • Requesting by email or post
  • Integrate exchanges with customers and collaborate between divisions in the company directly on quotes, orders
  • Manage prices
  • Manage orders, create orders from quotes
  • Control the receipt from the supplier and receiving goods following orders
  • Control payment to suppliers according to different payment terms.
  • Managing price lists related to contracts
  • Create and control SKU’s from suppliers
  • Inventory Check
  • Set up automatic accounting based on purchases and warehouse\
  • Support Dashboard
  • Purchase analysis support

Warehouse Management

  • Management multi-warehouse, multi-location, sort by products.
  • Management and inventory inventories.
  • Management of product packaging.
  • Management damage/lost products.
  • Internal alternative in stock.
  • Implemented of warehouse operations by barcode
  • Traceability management based on the serial: tracking warehouse activities related to products, tracking warranty expiry date, product expiry date.
  • Management product configuration in combos and handle related warehouse operations.
  • Conversion between different product units
  • Calculate cost price according to the weighted average, LIFO, FIFO …
  • Calculation of warehouse prices, reallocating the cost of goods. Inventory valuation report.
  • Expected inventory report.
  • Definition of product storage locations.
  • View inventory from sale orders.

Sales Management

  • Management and compare sales goals and sales channels.
  • Digital signatures, confirm quotes online.
  • Management and creating quotes based on a common price list or in each customer.
  • Attached products, accessories.
  • Create quotes online, configure quotation templates for each type.
  • Order Management: Convert quotes into orders quickly.
  • Configure discount based on the original price and purchase price. Such as % of fixed-price or plus or minus, % based on fixed price.
  • Foreign currencies
  • Creates invoices and delivery notes based on orders.
  • Sales analysis report.
  • Management products, product catalogs, units, and price lists for stores.
  • Management multi-products such as storage products, services.
  • Management product variations (same product but different sizes and colors).
  • Automatic accounting based on sales, warehousing.
  • Controlling the customer’s liabilities.
  • Supporting dashboard
  • Management KPI’s
  • Analysis of orders and related invoices
  • Support decentralization level

Production Management

  • Production management – overview to adjust production plans and orders
  • Storing production information, batch numbers or serial numbers
  • Management other activities ( product damage, alerts, perform productivities)
  • Management of raw addition materials.
  • Order management – tracking semi-finished products
  • Management repair orders in the form of warranty and repair service
  • Adjust production activities manually
  • Management performing and schedule
  • Management information on the material level in other products without resetting
  • Management material norm versions – allow reviews and make configuration changes
  • Control norms of alternative materials in the alert cases
  • Control the differences in product versions
  • Document management
  • Management change of manufacturing processes in Kanban form
  • Quality warning
  • Quality Management
  • Management working time

Human Resource Management

Human resource management modules effectively manage and associate employees following organizational goals, supporting management operations, staffs, recruitment, training, salary, ….

Maintenance management

Proactive in planning and performing maintenance of equipment, workshops, machines, vehicles …
Maintenance works would help increase asset life products, ensure the safety and reliability of machines when operating.

Project management

Improve project management, provide relevant information to the employees involved. Thus, businesses can well-coordinated projects, optimize resources, and timely decisions.

Analytical reports

Analytical reporting applications timely and accurate information to leaders, managers, and supervisors,
Many other business management support modules.

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