eFarm – Management solution your agriculture

One of the most agriculture issue of the World and certainly Vietnam is ensuring the quality of food for life. Industry 4.0 primarily focus on developing smart production,  and that would make the agribusiness change their management.

Within this trend, ELCOM PRIME respectfully give your business an intelligent agricultural management solution – eFarm. This system is built on a centralized Cloud and manage everything on your farm ( cultivate, supply; forecast analysis; product standard,…). Besides that, management precise production and resource management, crop planning and analysis are one of the best advantages of eFarm.


Detailed data
Data centralized management
Connect all system
Recommended objectives


Optimize agriculture management activities

  • Production planning
  • Centralized management of agriculture activities brief and production logs
  • Update daily tasks and seasonal processes.
  • Giving timely and smart advice based on accurate data
  • Weather warnings, diseases, and risks
  • Warehouse management, production materials, human resources and finance
  • Package and print GS1 QRcode labels to traceability

Easily manage manufacturers, products, and goods

  • Provide the demand information and production
  • Guaranteed supply
  • Quality assurance
  • Give a transparent farm
  • Maintain the manufacturer
  • Optimize the production costs
  • Detect and cutting losses ASAP
  • Monitoring, ensuring inputs
  • Monitoring, ensuring standards and product traceability
  • Technical advice, training, training, support

Product safety, uniform quality, and stability

  • Fresh products
  • No residue
  • Transparent origin

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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